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Personal Reflection Adelaide Brighton Limited

Question: Talk about the Personal Reflection for Adelaide Brighton Limited. Answer: Conclusion about Learning Experience Exploration Perspective from twentieth March to 31st March From breaking down the effect and utilization of the board bookkeeping speculations I have accumulated enough information in regards to effects of the executives bookkeeping on the money related execution of the chose producing organization that is Adelaide Brighton. I have picked up information in regards to the foundation writing, a few different speculations of the board bookkeeping, and viable acts of the executives bookkeeping alongside imperative parts of the companys monetary execution (Bryman Bell, 2015). I have increased an extraordinary comprehension with respect to the way that there are two administration bookkeeping speculations that can be applied by Adelaide Brighton incorporate possibility hypothesis and institutional human science hypothesis. Through fulfillment of the report I have comprehended that administration bookkeeping rehearses are enormously utilized inside a few assembling organizations alongside preferred behaviors include planning through controlling cos ts and assessment of hierarchical execution. I have comprehended the way that these administration bookkeeping hypotheses encourages the supervisors in understanding the costs that is foreseen later on planning period alongside offering a sign concerning occasional changes in the organization. Estimation of Such Experience Exploration Perspective from eleventh April to twentieth April From the examination of money related execution of Adelaide Brighton, I have increased a comprehension with respect to the way that investigation of particular determinants of the monetary exhibition is imperative for partners of the organization yet explicitly for the companys creators. I have comprehended that the organization has its business tasks through keeping up particular assembling and conveyance offices in unmistakable pieces of South Australia, New South Wales and any more (Alsharari, Dixon Youssef, 2015). I have picked up information on the way that budgetary presentation of assembling organizations, for example, Adelaide Brighton is affected by characterized showcase position of the organization. I have assembled an understanding that money related execution of the assembling organizations is affected by showcase position of the assembling organization. Through finishing of the paper, I have increased an understanding that gainfulness of Adelaide Brighton Company may be portioned inside particular viewpoints that incorporates net turnover with net revenue (Carlson-Wall, Kraus Lind, 2015). Value of the Learning Experience Examination Perspective from 26th May to twentieth June I have assembled a comprehension on the way that there are perspectives that accumulate understanding with respect to a few angles. This influences the determination procedure of reasonable administration bookkeeping rehearses inside the organization. I have additionally comprehended that specific changes can by and large start from a few distinct settings that show reasonable administration rehearses win different culture settings of the environmental factors (Bryman and Bell 2015). I have increased a nitty gritty information on the way that scholarly writing additionally calls attention to towards sure activities in particular, retention costing as alongside minor costing that is progressively considered by various organizations. The executives bookkeeping rehearses for the most part encourages in empowering the board to achieve reasonable data with respect to critical dynamic. I have lo increased a nitty gritty comprehension in regards to clear significance of transcendently cost bookkeeping can be driven precisely by diminishing gainfulness, expanding cost with rivalry, alongside financial emergency of the world (Merriam and Tisdell 2015). I have likewise increased a point by point understanding dependent on this paper there are organizations that see conventional administration bookkeeping forms over the new administration bookkeeping practices which include vital arranging alongside move valuing. Manners by which New Knowledge and Insights will be utilized Examination Perspective from 21st April to 30th April I have accomplished an incredible comprehension on the way that money related execution of an assembling organization is resolved through a few pointers that incorporates benefit alongside esteem increases, spending plans, and deals incomes alongside costs alongside that it relies upon the pointers of the financial exchange (Brandau et al., 2013). The examination of the writing audit clarified the intermediaries for the monetary exhibition envelop a few presentation measures, major money related proportions remembering Return for Assets alongside Return on Equity. I have picked up information on the way that reasonable administration bookkeeping practices can encourage in understanding the monetary situation of the organization through suitable assessment of the assembling organizations money related declarations. Learning Process Explanations Exploration Perspective from first May to 25th May From the assessment of the writing audit, I increased a knowledge that unmistakable administration bookkeeping rehearses for the assembling organizations can have the option to help a companys foundation (Arena, Azzone Bengo, 2015). I increased a nitty gritty understanding that successful administration bookkeeping practices incorporates execution assessment, appropriate planning, and data sharing for business dynamic, business procedure assessment and some more. I have understood the effect of the board bookkeeping rehearses on the monetary presentation of the organization and encourages unique directions to the matter of Adelaide Brighton. I have assembled a definite comprehension with respect to add up to administration bookkeeping rehearses that bolsters administrative behaviors. Additionally, I understood that the writing survey encouraged the comprehension of the budgetary exhibition with examination of particular determinants of the money related execution is crucial for the a ssembling organization investors (Alsharari, Dixon Youssef 2015). Pertinence of Research Subject Examination Perspective from first April to tenth April I have assembled from the exploration subject that specific effect it can have on incomes alongside incomes of the organization (Eriksson Kovalainen, 2015). From assessment of the current writing on the board bookkeeping hypotheses, I have comprehended that business concerns are vital on their response to particular organization pressures that is introduced to these organizations. I can thusly affirm the way that the assembling organizations ought to stick differently to orders or, more than likely accept certain proper structure alongside process. In addition, I can make a point to direct the equivalent in a manipulative manner inside an offer to pick up authenticity along in the manner for making sure about unmistakable assets on which the organizations rest. I have increased a comprehension on the way that the administration bookkeeping rehearses likewise encourages an assembling organization to continue inside serious, exceptionally changing encompassing as this offers an impress ive serious advantage for an organization. I can affirm the way that the organization can control administrative exercises, human conduct inspiration, maintains alongside producing social qualities vital for achieving the companys vital targets (Merriam Tisdell, 2015). References Alsharari, N.M., Dixon, R. Youssef, M.A.E.A., 2015. The board bookkeeping change: basic survey and another logical framework.Journal of Accounting Organizational Change,11(4), 476-502. Field, M., Azzone, G. Bengo, I., 2015. Execution estimation for social enterprises.VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations,26(2), 649-672. Brandau, M., Endenich, C., Trapp, R. Hoffjan, A., 2013. Institutional drivers of conformityEvidence for the board bookkeeping from Brazil and Germany.International Business Review,22(2), 466-479. Bryman, A. Ringer, E., 2015.Business examination techniques. Oxford University Press, USA. Carlsson-Wall, M., Kraus, K. Lind, J., 2015. Vital administration bookkeeping in close between hierarchical relationships.Accounting and Business Research,45(1), 27-54. Creswell, J.W., 2013.Research structure: Qualitative, quantitative, and blended techniques draws near. Sage distributions. Eriksson, P. furthermore, Kovalainen, A., 2015.Qualitative Methods in Business Research: A Practical Guide to Social Research. Sage. Merriam, S.B. Tisdell, E.J., 2015.Qualitative examination: A manual for plan and usage. John Wiley Sons.

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Hayao Miyazaki Essay Example

Hayao Miyazaki Essay Example Hayao Miyazaki Essay Hayao Miyazaki Essay Hayao Miyazaki is an exceptionally persuasive piece of my decision of my vocation, having seen such a large number of his films as a youngster presently as yet watching them, it has sat idle however keep on powering my affection for activity. He started to fill in as an illustrator at studio Toei Douga in 1963, catching everyones eye with his astonishing works of art and thoughts. In 1973 in the wake of moving to Nippon Animation, there he had the option to realize a few works of art, for example, Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979) and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984). The accomplishment of the film (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984)) brought him toa place in his life where he had the option to begin his own one of a kind activity studio; Studio Ghibli. This accomplishment from Hayao Miyazaki sharpening his common capacity of workmanship and grasping all the abnormal thoughts he has had for delightful motion pictures has brought me loads of trust in when I am feeling like all I turn out is chicken scratch. His endeavors have never been unbeneficial in making everybody, including individuals who don't watch Anime, make the most of his motion pictures. Energetic Away (2001) Image Source: irdasianews. com/store/energetic sen-chihiro-kamikakushi/In this picture we have the female hero Chihiro hardening the relationship with one of her first companions, Haku. A portion of the recognizable components in this picture are the distinction in concealing between enlivened character and foundation, the lines that plot their bodies, and the feeling on t heir appearances. As the principle hero, Chihiro has a red uniform, some portion of the essential hues, it gives her status as a fundamental component. Close to her is Haku, who is likewise in an essential shade of blue. : The two characters hues can portray their characters too, Chihiro who gives her feelings on her sleeve and feels them vigorously and seriously. Haku is in cool under tones, not just on the grounds that he is to a greater extent a side kick, but since his character is fairly covered up and albeit extremely profound he doesn't show it. My Neighbor Totoro (1988) Image Source: http://doublefeatureshow. com/2012/08/the-iron-monster my-neighbor-totoro. html Here we have an image of the film My Neighbor Totoro, there are the three primary characters in this picture. Totoro, Satsuki, and on Satsukis back, Mel. In this scene, we see tint (essential shade of yellow), esteem (the brilliance over the kids, the murkiness over totoro and the backwoods), temperature (the glow of orange and yellow and red from the light, the coolness of the dull blue and green in the woods and on Totoro), and in conclusion, power ( the principle characters shading contrasted with the foundation. ) Ponyo (2008) Image Source: http://www. fanpop. com/clubs/ponyo-on-the-bluff by-the-ocean/pictures/30547637/title/ponyo-screencaps-photograph Ponyo adores ham! Ponyo is a sweet little hero in this film, er and her human companion Sosuke are what keep the film happy just as the entirety of the splendid tints and qualities. Ponyo is decorated in red, still emblematic of the essential status we talked about before, however temperature is a cooler red to help carry amicability with the cool tones of the sea and foundation landscape, and a gentler increasingly whimsical picture to her character. The very progression of the lines drawn make a ton of dynamic development, which I accept to be one of Hayao Miyazakis most prominent abilities. The tousled look of the characters hair and the wide peered toward look in their eyes express the numerous

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New ZigZag video podcast behind the scenes

New ZigZag video podcast behind the scenes A new and different episode of ZigZag, MITs video podcast, is up check it out! Let us know what you think, either in the comments section below or at the ZigZag comments box. The idea for this episode actually came up last semester over a lunch meeting at the Forbes Family Cafe in the Stata Center. I was chatting with the folks at Academic Media Production Services (AMPS): the people behind ZigZag. Asking me for ideas for a future episode, I said, what if we did a theme episode, one just looking at the lives of MIT freshmen? I think people are very curious about what it would be like to be a first semester student on campus. From there, we went about contacting students and setting up a production schedule. I sent out an email to a dozen random (and awesome) freshmen that I know well, to see who might be interested. I found five who would be around for the filming and who were excited to participate. So, a few weeks back, we sat down to talk with all five students. We chatted with Jenn and Star in a classroom in Building 1, with Minh in her dorm, McCormick Hall, with Waciuma at the Pierce Boathouse, and with Evan at his dorm, Burton-Conner. Of course, this was all squeezed between my reading applications and the busy schedules of the five students. Following the interviews, AMPS captured the B roll footage you see in the video, including Star at MITERS, Jenn rowing crew, Evan with FIRST Team 97, Minh in class, and Waciuma at the foundry. David from AMPS produced this episode of ZigZag, working late into the night this week to cut down hours of footage into a six minute video. Alas, there was so much good stuff to show, but a lot of really cool stuff had to be left on the cutting room floor (not literally, of course its all done by computer these days). Kudos to David and the whole team at AMPS. Hopefully this episode was interesting and entertaining to watch. I know I had a good time helping to put it together.

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Merchant of Venice - Apperance vs Reality - 1967 Words

Jasdeep Bains Mrs. Valdez ENG2D1-05 Wednesday May 28, 2008 Appearance Vs Reality in Merchant Of Venice This theme of Appearance Vs. Reality is used throughout the play to mislead and confuse so things may not always be what they seem. Shakespeare uses deception to enhance the unfolding drama and involve his audience more fully in the play – the audience are party to deceptions which the characters themselves are unaware of. Prejudice was common and the word â€Å"Jew† applied to hardhearted unscrupulous moneylenders. An Elizabethan audience would have been happy to see a Jew, Spaniard or a Moor deceived and Shakespeare clearly tried to give his audience what it wanted. In contrast, many, particularly ladies, would have admired the strong and†¦show more content†¦This is a racist comment; she wants all people of his race to choose the wrong casket. In the original group of suitors mentioned at the start of the play was, amongst others, a German whom Portia stereotyped. â€Å"When he is worst he is little better than a beast†. In Shakespeare’s time the suitors would have been recognized as national stereotypes. Although not clearly specified in the play, we are under the impression that Portia again is pleasant to the suitors’ faces but mocks them behind their backs – a cruel and deliberate deception. Finally Portia deceives the Prince of Arragon too. In his pre sence she describes him as a â€Å"noble prince† but again this is only a deception as in his absence she comments on all the men who have visited as being â€Å"deliberate fools†. Bassanio deceives Portia into thinking he is rich. This is quite an important deception as it is linked directly to the main deception of the loan from Shylock. Bassanio needs money so he can borrow a ship and sail to Portia to ask if she will marry him. He also needs money to buy expensive gifts, again to deceive Portia. Bassanio brings â€Å"Gifts of rich value† and, although he is in debt, arrives as Portia’s suitor as if a rich man. After successfully saving Antonio from Shylock, Portia (still disguised) requests Bassanio’s ring that she has given him as a token of loyalty, â€Å"And for your love I’ll take this

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Observation of Elementary School Room Free Essays

I did my observation at Bullskin Township Elementary School on Mrs. Coles 2nd grade classroom. When I first entered the classroom, I felt very welcomed, she had all the students stand up and introduce themselves. We will write a custom essay sample on Observation of Elementary School Room or any similar topic only for you Order Now It was a very colorful classroom covered with the children’s art work. The children seemed to feel very comfortable around each other; they all appeared to be communicating well. The goals of the children in the class room are to actively participate and understand the information taught. As I observed part of her math class, they were learning money. She gave them a worksheet to work on after she taught the lesson. As they were completing the worksheet she walked around to answer any questions and to make sure they were on task. I asked Mrs. Coles how she went about communicating with her students families and she said she uses phone calls, email, and parents will sometimes send a note if he/she has any concerns. She gave me advice to always call from work and to never call from home. She said last year she had a bad experience where she used her house phone to call a parent, and after that the parent was constantly calling her house. Her curriculum was based on the Pennsylvania Standards. She showed me a PA Scott Foresman Reading Street Grade 2 Unit 3 book, which was made from the PA Standards it gives you a weekly plan, and different activities to do Monday-Friday. A few of the activities included target skills of the week, like phonics, comprehension skills, and comprehension strategies. She had one autistic boy, whom required one on one time, so she had an aide in her classroom helping him, so he wasn’t isolated from the rest of the second grade students. I also asked her how she went about assessing her students, and she said she couldn’t assess them on the oral skills, but she did test them of comprehension, hand writing, and she used the company book test for each student. I thought the class room was set up nicely. The students’ desks were facing the chalkboard, Mrs. Coles desk was placed behind the students, their cubby’s’ were as soon as you walked into the classroom to the left, and they had a restroom and computer area toward the back of the room. All of the materials were placed where the children could reach them, they had more than enough books and materials for each student, and the class room was well organized. The ultimate goal of the students is to be prepared for the 3rd grade, because in the 3rd grade they are now required to take the PSSA’s. So four times a week they have what’s called â€Å"intervention† where they divide the entire 2nd grade into groups high, middle, high-low, and low-low. From there the teachers help them get the children ready for the PSSA’s. They are required to do a bullying lesson every other Friday; it’s a whole school district wide program. It was called â€Å"Olweus Bullying Prevention Program† Mrs. Coles put the class in a big circle on the floor and she sat on the floor also and read them a story. The class became a little wild, so she said if they calmed down they could each bring in a healthy snack on Wednesday. The autistic student caused some distractions, refused to listen to the story and covered his ears, the aide removed him from the room. How to cite Observation of Elementary School Room, Essays

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Professional Skills for Systems Analysis Supply Business

Question: Describe about the Professional Skills for Systems Analysis for Supply Business. Answer: Introduction Kahuna Cleaning Supply, which is a business run by a family, is based in New Haven, Connecticut. Its main focus is profitable cleaning materials and profitable goods for commercial, institutional and industrial clients. Here, for the business, they are using only very few computerized systems. The vice president, Julia Thompson, has hired a systems analyst, Robert Hanover in an effort to become more efficient and profitable. A cleaning supply company provides a wide range of advanced goods and facilities coming to the aid of the Skilled, Industrial, Marketable and the National industry of cleaning. Kahuna cleaning Supply Company has magnificently recognized extensive and retail openings countrywide to house small and medium sized cleaning businesses. Their success is chiefly based on modifying client necessities to generate truly lucrative worth for the customer. A principle as important as this, drives quite high on customer trustworthiness and in return emphasizes the joint care towards Decreasing Customer Obtaining Prices, Dropping Client Business Costs, Refining Customer Labor Output, Refining Customer/End-User Relationships. Here, it is understood that the judgement of customers are done by the advanced values of excellence and facility. The most cared facilities are probably to be disinfected and globally sound, a forever changing, and a process which is not ending. The people of Kahuna Cleaning Su pplies promise to be partners in helping the clients meet and surpass those hopes. Fact-Finding It is very important for every organization that it has a complete set off plan which can be used to scrutinize the current state of the organization. In order to achieve its goals Kahuna Cleaning supply must set up some plans so that all its objectives are well accomplished. Initially it must get its source right. The source can be of any form that is a person or any kind of record. Most of the time, in many organizations, these sources are not available so easily, but it is the duty of the team to find out the best evidence possible. The team must get search for existing procedures and policies and try to understand how they affect the organization as a whole. The fact-finding team must document all the facts they have gathered and keep in hand all the original copies of records and documents (Aselstine, 2013). The fact-finding team must stay on to its goals and should never be swayed by the personalities, opinions or facts of the team members. If it is difficult to get the facts o uts than the team must figure it out why they are unable to get the facts out. The team must thoroughly have a look at the matters and sort out which ones are required and which are not required. The facts must be sorted out well but it is also mandatory to keep in mind what are the actual goals are of the fact-finding plan and what are its utility for Kahuna cleaning supply. The facts which are gathered must be accurate. Accurate facts help build credible and evidence based decision making. The plan must be strategically developed and well executed (Aselstine, 2013). The fact-finding plan for kahuna cleaning supply includes interviewing some of the important individuals for the company such as the VP, director of sales, shipping/ receiving manager, and the customer service representative. The plan also includes reviewing documents of the last sales and the orders that were lost or were complained of (in order to check for gathering data), keenly and minutely observing the changing scenario around and keeping a close eye on the competitors, in sampling method we will be taking random samples and researching about them, maintaining questionnaires, and immediate customer feedback. Its also a matter of importance that is to be kept in mind is to upgrade the systems and the business be fully computerized, all the records, details everything (Galeon, 2013). Organization Chart I would like to interview the Vice President, director of sales, shipping/ receiving manager, and the customer service representative of kahuna cleaning supply. For each of the interviews to be carried out, the main objective behind it will be to find out what the company/ business lacks in, or what better can be done etc. Manager Interviewing the manager: the main objective would be to look for what he is most insecure about in the business. How is he managing the adverse effects of not having a fully computerized system and to find out what he has to say about upgrading to a newer system? Interviewing the customer service representative would be beneficial as he is the one who interacts directly with customers (Daly and Kille, 2016). Vice President Interviewing the Vice President: the main objective will be to verify all the information and look for any other additional information that may be helpful in the work. Interviewing the director of sales: the sales report for the last five yrs. Any drop or decrement in the sales would be seriously dealt with. Interview Questions 1) Vice president The role of the vice president is very crucial for an organization. The vice president is a member who is the major of a group in the private subdivision (business) or the public subdivision who reports to (is below) the leader or the CEO, and regularly functions as the additional in command in lush within the group. The vice president serves as the second or third operational who is in charge of the general business, agency, institution, group, union, university, government, or branch of government. Vice President is also a name used to elect the leader of helping the group or functions inside organizations. So, questioning the Vice President would be of much help (Hartman, 2016). Interview questions: Tell me how have you contributed to the businesss achievement in your previous position? So, this business is suffering a great deal because of its lack of system upgradation. What do you have to say about that? What is that one thing about the business that you would like to change? Why do you think that Andrews idea of starting the investigation from the sales department was a good idea? How exactly would you restructure the business to take it to a completely whole new dimension? How is the company facing problems or losing orders with proper reference to its customers? What are your plans for the business in the near future? Director of sales A Director of Sales is a team leader entrusted with the task of managing a team of Sales Managers. Directors of Sales are elevated managers whose role in the business includes the making of domestic or international plans for sales, after qualifying it moves to the board of CEOs, and overseeing local managers of sales to guarantee the fact that they are significant and the preparation of their teams are positive (Ashe-Edmunds, 2016). How comfortable are you with data analysis? What are the main skills that are necessary to be a successful director of sales? What does the data analysis of the last two years of business shows? How would you tackle the business out of its current state? What would be the probable steps, according to you? What are the main factors affecting the growth of the business? How can we step towards into rising ahead of our competitors? Shipping/ receiving manager The shipping/ receiving manager is also known as the warehouse/receiving supervisor. He plans, arranges and looks over the receiving, storage and distribution of all stuff that is received either from dealers or manufacturer shops, guaranteeing an even and reliable operation. So, that the parts and supplies are situated and distributed to appropriate sections in an operative and well-organized manner as needed to please internal and external client necessities. The post oversees the receiving, storing and delivery of manufacture and facility parts materials; monitors departmental expenditure to ensure the costs are within strategies. Such an individual may provide with the necessary information required for the study (Ashe-Edmunds, 2016). What are the changes in trend with that of two years back? According to you, how the business has been affected by our competitors? What are the probable reasons behind it? How do you think the business can overcome this problem? What do you think were the major adverse effects of not having a fully computerized system? What according to you, will be the plus points of upgrading to a newer system? Customer service representative A customer service representative relates with a companys clients in delivering them with info to talk about their questions regarding goods and services. Adding to that, they deal with and provide assistance to resolve any client grievances. For example, a client demonstrative may provide assistance in opening a profile, or aid in the resolution of a tricky situation if it cannot connect to their profile or if the ordered thing hasnt arrived. Generally, such a task is done by gathering information over a telephone call. In this respect, it is quite relevant to collect the necessary info from such an individual (Writing, 2016). How have customers been reacting to our system? Are there any complaints? What are their main complaints? What changes would our customers like to see? When was the time you had to withstand the rage of a customer and what was the reason behind it? Which other brands of the same service do our customers visit? Any idea? If yes, why? Have you ever asked a customer what changes would they like to see in our service or system? If yes, what was their reply? Conclusion The problems faced by kahuna cleaning company is very serious and requires thorough system analyzation and information gathering regarding it. Interviewing its' individuals would help in gathering much-needed information and also to understand the state the company is in. The company works whole heartedly over the fact to provide its customers the best of the service possible. The customers should feel free enough to contact the company, who would be more than happy to oblige them. The company would like to thank the loyal customers and for any further assistance they would always be there. The company claims the skill which is required to deliver promised services, which would bring about a change to any of the delivery needs of a business or service. It not just only sells goods, but it also supports each and every sale along with real information and suggestions meant for improving labor output and dipping complete expenditure base. The staffs of the company will assist others in coming of age inventions being out on the marketplace and deliver info about such goods. References Aselstine, L. (2013).The Golden Rules of Fact-Finding: Six Steps to Developing a Fact-Finding Plan. [online] Queen's IRC Coach. Available at: https://irc.queensu.ca/articles/golden-rules-fact-finding-six-steps-developing-fact-finding-plan [Accessed 5 Dec. 2016]. Ashe-Edmunds, S. (2016).Sales Management Structure. [online] Chron. Available at: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/sales-management-structure-67094.html [Accessed 5 Dec. 2016]. Burgess, T. (2001).A general introduction to the design of questionnaires for survey research.. 1st ed. [ebook] INFORMATION SYSTEMS SERVICES. Available at: https://iss.leeds.ac.uk/downloads/top2.pdf [Accessed 5 Dec. 2016]. Daly, C. and Kille, L. (2016). Interviewing a source: Rules of the road; talking with officials and experts.Journalist's Resources. [online] Available at: https://journalistsresource.org/tip-sheets/reporting/interviewing-a-source [Accessed 5 Dec. 2016]. Galeon, J. (2013). Fact-Finding Methods. [Blog]System Analysis and Design. Available at: https://jessevimgaleon.blogspot.in/2013/07/fact-finding-methods.html [Accessed 5 Dec. 2016]. Hartman, D. (2016).The Roles of Vice Presidents in Organizations. [online] Chron. Available at: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/roles-vice-presidents-organizations-22329.html [Accessed 5 Dec. 2016]. Writing, A. (2016).Duties Responsibilities of a Customer Service Representative. [online] Chron. Available at: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/duties-responsibilities-customer-service-representative-759.html [Accessed 5 Dec. 2016].